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How Much Do I Have?

So you want to know how much I have right now huh?  Alright nosey, here ya go. The list of what I put in, what I take out, when I do it, and why it was done.  I haven’t listed my main checking account though since it changes on a daily basis and the fact that I basically hate the damn thing.

CU Checking Account-$ 0.14
ING Savings Account-$36.47
ING Checking Account-$8.00
Investment Account-$1946.90
Roth IRA-$82.32
Non-Liquid Emergency Fund-$2104.19

Liquid Emergency Fund-$150
Liquid Savings (Short Term)-$0
Citi Bank Pre-Paid Card (Plasma)-$0
Rolled Coins-$48.50 


(as of 3/26/2013)


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