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About Me

The infamous about me page.  This is generally the first page I go to when I go to a blog because it tells me everything I need to know about the entire blog, not just the person writing.  Yes I know the title is tacky as hell and could be better, but as I was thinking of a title, I realized it shouldn’t be witty or catchy in any way at all.  It should be exactly what I want.  Now if I ever do reach this lofty goal, I won’t stop.  I’ve heard that once you reach the first, the hard part is over and the next few just roll on in….We’ll see about that.

That guy is what it's all about!

This guy is what it’s all about!

I figure if I’m completely letting you into my life, then the least I can do is keep my real name from you.  So you can call me J and I’m that ordinary guy that could be your neighbor.  I’m not a flashy person.  I don’t come from some old money family.  I don’t have a trust fund waiting on me.  I just like the extreme thought of being a millionaire.

It’s extreme for me because I don’t have a degree in finance and I don’t make 100k+ per year.  Remember when I said I was ordinary?  Yeah, I wasn’t lying.  I’m in the restaurant business at the present moment and will most likely be there until I finish college.  I’m thinking about picking up a second job, but it’s so much harder to go get a job when you already have a stable one.  Regardless, I have a few paths I am going down to bring in some extra income but when that actually happens, I’ll post about it.

I have an amazing girlfriend that I hope to marry after dating for over 5 years.  My chihuahua is considered our daughter until we actually have children and trust me, she is the most spoiled thing in the northern hemisphere.  I am still in college but I have found that I have a small talent for  numbers on a financial level.  I thoroughly enjoy reading personal finance books and my library of them would rival that of most finance professors.

I’m sure you think that the majority of this sounds like bragging, but it’s about me.  Remember?  And it’s not actually bragging, that will come later I can assure you.

If you like what I’m doing, leave me a comment or send me a message with your personal story and I would be glad to post your progress as more inspiration to myself and any other readers.

You can contact me at:

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  1. grownupandstuff permalink

    Looks like an interesting journey mate! It’s something I’m keen to try out too – I also have VERY limited investment knowledge, but I am lucky enough to have a few contacts who could steer me right. Good on you for jumping in – really hope it works out for you, I’ll be rooting for you!

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