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Mad At Myself…

March 30, 2013

Here lately I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly will make me comfortable and virtually stress free about money.  I know I have student loan debt looming over me casting a really long shadow but I know I can’t do much about it right now so I try and let that go.  But what are my short term goals?  What will make me happy and relaxed for the time being?

  1. Get my Summer School Tuition Savings up to $2,500.
  2. Get my Emergency Fund to $1000.
  3. Get my Liquid Emergency Fund to $500.
  4. Get my Engagement Ring Fund to $3,500.
  5. Start paying my bills at the beginning of the month and not the end.
  6. Pay myself first.

I have slacked hard this month due to out of town family and friends coming to visit so April will be a month of diligence and recovery.  I have my goals and they will be met by the end of the month.  I have a vacation planned at the beginning of May to start the Appalachian Trail and summer sessions for school start as soon as I get back so April is the month of saving for me.  I’ll have to take the woman on a beach trip at some point but that’s only a 45 minute drive and with my new car, it’s chump change for gas.  I am still mad at myself this past month for a few impulse purchases and all the nights at the bar which I don’t normally do so with that anger in mind, I should do just fine making this a virtual no-spend month.


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  1. Don’t get mad at yourself mate, think positive and do better the next time. That negative energy won’t help you move forward. Cheers mate. Happy Easter

    • jberretta permalink

      Thanks for the kind words. You’re right. Today is already a better day and tomorrow won’t be any different which will lead to a great start to the month. Happy Easter to you too!

  2. Keep up the hard work and don’t get down. I’ve had a bunch of set backs over the last year, but things tend to work out with hard work and proper planning. BTW, I wrote an article on diamonds you may want to check out. Got my wife’s fantastic ring for well under 2k.


    • jberretta permalink

      Thanks for that Jacob! You have an awesome blog and I’ll be reading it more now that I follow you on twitter. I guess I never really thought about buying from Amazon and such because I can’t physically see it but now I’ll have to take a look at that option.

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