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I’m Sick Of This!!!

March 22, 2013

I’m sick of this $1,000 a month crap.  I’m tired of not being able to add to my accounts and have them grow.  I mean, I am adding to them but $20 here and there isn’t enough.  It needs to be $100 and $200 here and there.  I work in a restaurant because it works extremely well with my school schedule but $1,000 a month just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Option #1

Get a new job.  I will have a degree at the end of this semester but I’m not sure if there is any opportunity in this town considering it’s mainly a college town.  There really just isn’t much here besides restaurants and retail.  So it would be tough to get a decent job that will work around my school schedule because I’m not done with school yet.  It might even still be around the $1,000 a month mark so it’s surely a gamble.

Option #2

Get a second job.  I can continue to work at the restaurant and supplement the time that I usually make $20 over the course of 4 hour shift, with a job that has a steady paycheck.  This would at least let me live off the tips that I make and allow me to put the actual paychecks into savings.

Clearly the second option is the better option and these aren’t the only options available but they are the most viable and I have no idea which one I rather do.  I plan on going looking around and I suppose it’ll all depend on what is available and hours available.

P.S. Option #3

Take this blog, get a host, throw some ads up and monetize this sucka!  Probably need a few more readers for that but that’s what friends are for!

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