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In Deep Thought…Part 1

June 12, 2012

After a lengthy conversation with my girlfriend this evening, I was left in deep thought.  With music playing in the background and future goals floating in front of me seemingly just out of reach.  Goals such as being debt free, getting married and finishing school.  All of these things cost money naturally.  The only problem is, I make X and to make the goals (Y) equal Z, X needs to change.

Now this is a HUGE deal.  I love my job that I have at the moment.  I get to meet a ton of people and I love to talk.  I don’t mind the long hours that I willingly put in, or the crappy high school drama that I deal with.  But what I do mind is that for all those hours put in, I’m not getting compensated enough for the work  itself.  I’m not saying I deserve more or crying about what I do make.  It was just simply brought to my attention that I don’t make as much as I should be.

The problems I can quickly identify are:

  1. I am still in college.
  2. My current job works around my school schedule.
  3. I live in a college town where jobs are hard to come by.

So, with that in mind, how can I get a better paying job that the compensation is worth the work/time put in?


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