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Caught Offguard…

June 6, 2012

I like to budget.  I have a very in depth excel chart that allows me to track where all my pennies go…literally ALL of my pennies.  Many people don’t like the idea of being so detailed with their financial life.  To me, that says lazy, but I’m also somewhat of an extremist when it comes to this so maybe that’s a little harsh.  Regardless, the fear of creating and maintaining a budget isn’t the problem, It’s the fear of realizing how much money you’re wasting and answering the timeless question of “Where did my money go?”

But alas, even with my detailed budget and expense tracker, I got caught with my pants down.  My auto insurance was out, my car had a $100 property tax due on it back in September 2011 that I was first notified of in May 2012, my license plate was expiring, I was being told that my driver’s license was suspended (which I’ve never had a suspension on my license so that was annoying as hell,) my car had to be inspected,  I needed an oil change, and my rear right tail light was out.  Needless to say I wasn’t being very street legal in multiple capacities and I had definitely not put any money aside for any of this.

Most financial bloggers like to post crap like “Having a budget makes the surprises go away” and would tell me I should have had a surprise automotive repairs category.  Well guess what…I didn’t.  Sue me.

Why didn’t I?  Because I don’t make that much, duh.  My budget is pretty bare bones as it is and I know where all the pennies go because I have to know, not because it’s fun.  I’ve cut back on expenses as much as humanly possible.  Take a look for yourself on the Budget Page (under construction 6/6/12)

Sometimes there are going to be things you know you should budget for but you just can’t fit them in.  In this case, it became an emergency and I had to borrow $140 out of my Emergency Fund to cover all the expenses, and my girlfriend was nice enough to loan me $200 to cover the rest.  Not budgeting for this really sunk me morally and financially.  It’s all past now and I am almost ready to pay back those two small loans but just imagine the pain of not having a budget at all, wasting money, and then having something like this happen….Good luck with your sanity if that’s the case.


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