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The Beginning…

May 29, 2012

I know there are a few of these sites out there.  And I don’t have any expectations for this blog to be vast or popular.  This one is actually for me this time.  This blog gives me a reason to go for the most unreachable goal I could think of.  Have $1,000,000 to my name.  This won’t be updated every day, and there could be times when a month goes by and nothing new is posted.  I don’t honestly know, but that’s the fun part, it’s for me remember?  Not to make money or for anyone else (except to inspire someone else to do the same thing!)

Many people will say this isn’t that unreachable, but they could also be thinking that I mean $1,000,000 of net worth when I actually mean $1,000,000 money in the bank.  I don’t believe I’ll be doing any assets and liability charts or cash flow graphs but hey, you never know.

I think to be fair to myself, I should start out at zero $0 zero dollars.  I have debts that I will talk about, savings goals, more college semesters to pay for and probably a few other mentionables.  There’s your warning by the way.

If you want to follow me, go right ahead.  I’m not some guy who comes from money (exactly the opposite actually) and I’m not some business graduate from Harvard or UC Berkeley.  I’m a normal guy from down the street that you see every day.  I’ll tell you a little more about me later though.  By NO means am I made to be a millionaire, but it never hurt to try.


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