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My Goals

I’ve listed my financial goals according to the one with the most importance being #1.  I would eventually like to put a time frame on all of these but as of this point in time with the amount of money I’m making each month, I’ll be lucky to accomplish 3 of them by December.  No one could ever say I didn’t try though!

  1. Pay off all credit card debt. COMPLETE
  2. Have my liquid Emergency Fund filled to $500.
  3. Pay back $200 personal loan. COMPLETE
  4. Save $4,000 for an engagement ring.
  5. Pay off Sallie Mae student loans.
  6. Save $5,000 for my wedding fund.
  7. Buy a new (used) car in cash. COMPLETE
  8. Buy a house.

These should keep me busy for awhile and although some debts will get bigger and some goals may be harder than others to accomplish, I WILL complete all of these.  I’m also sure that other goals will pop up and possibly skip a few places every now and then, but until then, it’s time to rock!

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