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Hey everyone, just wanted to know we decided to finally bite the bullet and become a real blog.  We have bought our domain name and we now have our own site free and clear.  Come check it out at


Was March Cold To You?

Winter is still here!

Winter is c…is still here!

It seems that March 2013 wanted to hurt me.  I blew my budget out of the water and didn’t save too much money.  But we can’t forget that April brings the showers and I’m determined to make it rain money on my accounts.

The Forecast 

I have decided to reverse everything for this month.  Usually I pay my bills first, then spend some money on things like groceries and gas and entertainment.  After all that, I was putting back whatever I had left into savings which didn’t lead to much because of the comfort I felt with having the bills paid.  I got great deals (like the extended blu-ray version box set of The Lord of the Rings for 50% off) but those “great deals” were impulse buys.  I am going to pay myself first, and then pay the bills which in turn will cut down on my having that confident feeling of a stacked bank account.  I plan on putting close to $300 in savings this month to make up for my lack of diligence so far this year.  I will get up to $300 and then act as if I am starting over and I have the rest of the month to pay the bills.

April Showers…

Because I blew my budget out of the water last month like a Cypriot Bank, this month is one of sacrifice.  I have slashed my food budget in half from $200 to $100, my entertainment has gone from $50 to $20 and I want to try and only buy one tank of gas this month at $40 instead of budgeting for 2 tanks like normal.  I also have my random expenses like fun money and the “everything else” category on lock down.  This will hopefully save me somewhere in the ballpark of $200-250 this month and should get my stress levels back down to normal.

Bring May Flowers!

 Following this road, I will set myself up nicely for May by having plenty of money in my Emergency Fund for the summer when work slows down, and I will be able to pay for summer sessions out of pocket which won’t cause me anymore debt and I’ll be well on my way to finally purchasing the ever elusive engagement ring!  I’m not looking forward to this summer too much since the restaurant business dies completely when this town’s 30,000 college students go back home.

As a side note, if anyone wants to have a quiet little getaway for a day or two on the beach, give me a shout as I live about 45 minutes away from Atlantic Beach, NC and Emerald Isle, NC.

What are your plans for the month?  Anything big or intricate?

Mad At Myself…

Here lately I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly will make me comfortable and virtually stress free about money.  I know I have student loan debt looming over me casting a really long shadow but I know I can’t do much about it right now so I try and let that go.  But what are my short term goals?  What will make me happy and relaxed for the time being?

  1. Get my Summer School Tuition Savings up to $2,500.
  2. Get my Emergency Fund to $1000.
  3. Get my Liquid Emergency Fund to $500.
  4. Get my Engagement Ring Fund to $3,500.
  5. Start paying my bills at the beginning of the month and not the end.
  6. Pay myself first.

I have slacked hard this month due to out of town family and friends coming to visit so April will be a month of diligence and recovery.  I have my goals and they will be met by the end of the month.  I have a vacation planned at the beginning of May to start the Appalachian Trail and summer sessions for school start as soon as I get back so April is the month of saving for me.  I’ll have to take the woman on a beach trip at some point but that’s only a 45 minute drive and with my new car, it’s chump change for gas.  I am still mad at myself this past month for a few impulse purchases and all the nights at the bar which I don’t normally do so with that anger in mind, I should do just fine making this a virtual no-spend month.

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